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"The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens."
-- Alexis de Tocqueville

Advocates For People With Developmental Disabilities

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News Reports affecting people with disabilities, 2016:
Dot  N.J. scraps Return Home program for disabled adults
Dot  Texas and Arkansas avoid Georgia example

Federal Documents affecting people with disabilities:
Dot  Supreme Court Olmstead Decision
       - How states should handle their institutions.  1999.
Dot  Americans with Disabilities Act OF 1990, as amended
       -  the current text of the Americans with Disabilities Act. amended 2008.

State Documents affecting people with disabilities:
Dot  State Operations Manual Appendix J - Guidance to
      Surveyors: Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals
      with Intellectual Disabilities
- December 6, 2013
Dot  Froberg Law Primer - What is the Froberg law? 
     - Author and date Unknown.
Dot  Developmental Disability Service System Task Force
      final Report.  - January 9, 2013
Dot  WAC_388-825-091 - Our right in law to have and use

Miscellaneous Documents:

Dot  Developmental Disabilities in Washington: Increasing
      Access and Equality

      - July 21, 2013 -- Audit report
Dot  The Closure of Frances Haddon Morgan Center: A Quality
      Assurance Report.

      - February 1, 2012
Dot  DSHS Diversion Committee - Requested admissions to
      RHCs and denials
Dot  2010 RHC Client Assessment - RHC clients rated by age
      placement choice and acuity
Dot  How Oregon failed disabled Adults - What happened to
      people after Fairview closed. -- Author and date
Statement 1  DSHS wants to copy Oregon's failed closures - DSHS
Statement 1  Parsons Order -State Court of Appeals addresses DSHS
      Secretary's authority over RHCs.
Statement 1  Roads to Community Living - Washington State’s version
      of Money Follows the Person Federal
Statement 1  The System of Supports for People with Developmental
      Disabilities Briefing Report
- 2010,
Statement 1  RHC Efficiency Facts - RHCs key in continuum of care.
Statement 1  Closure Study Response - Counter to Davis-Deshaies
     Study. Action DD, 1/2010.
Statement 1 Washington fails to protect - Adults with disabilities
     loose protection. Disability Rights of Washington.
Statement 1 RHC Closure FAQs - ADSA provides questions and
    answers.  ADSA, 1/2010.
Statement 1 Reforming care for DD - Governor Gregoire proposes
     RHC closure. 2/2010.
Statement 1 Mortality Rates - Death rates between RHCs and
     community. DSHS, 2/2010.
Statement 1 Myth vs Fact - Arc shows myths and facts about RHCs.
Statement 1 Rainier School Respite - A vision of respite care.
Statement 1 RHC closure Events - Arc outlines SB 6780 in hand out.
     The Arc 2/2010
Power Point Slide Shows: (Requires MS Power Point)
Statement 1 Yakima Valley School - Action DD's Presentation to the legislature.  3/2009.

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