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"Our lives begin to end
the day we become silent
 about things that matter."
   -- Martin Luther King Jr.

 Advocates For People With
 Developmental Disabilities

“We need a full continuum of services for people with developmental disabilities.”
  --- Speaker of the
                    House, Frank Chop

 Take ACTION to fight legislation that would harm our most vulnerable citizens.

 Take ACTION to keep a full continuum of care in Washington State. 

Your support and generosity
continues the fight to save residential care
services for our most needy. 
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Action DD works to preserve one of the finest systems of care in the country, Residencial Habilitation Centers.*

It's important to know the facts about our RHCs
Fact 1.
Only 4% of people with a developmental disability  who require state services live in a large facility called an RHC.
Fact 2. People who need RHC care cost just as much when served in the community, but the community provides fewer services.
Fact 3. Closing RHCs and moving residents causes depression, injury and death. This is called transfer trauma. It is now happening nation-wide. 
Fact 4.  Washington State is being impelled by community based advocacy groups and even the federal government to close RHCs.
Fact 5. The Supreme Court Olmstead Decision states: "The ADA is not reasonably read to impel States to phase out institutions, placing patients in need of close care at risk."
Fact 6. People want the services of RHCs. For people in need of close care the RHC is the best possible treatment and residential option.
Fact 7. People with high care needs are often isolated in apartments not free to be part of a community.  Many are being deprived of the needed care of an RHC.
Fact 8. RHCs may not look like what you've been told. 

Eric Goes for a Ride
This video explains one family's need for an RHC. 44 seconds.
Turn sound on before viewing. 

Care and Protection

Why we need RHCs
Turn sound on before viewing.

* What's an RHC?
Washington State's Residential Habilitation Centers (RHC) provide intensified and therapeutic services for people in the most need of close personal care.  RHCs are a part of the continuum of care for people with developmental disabilities.

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Statement 1 No savings to close
Statement 1 Part of continuum
Statement 1 Efficient services
Statement 1 Respite care 
Statement 1 Safety net
Statement 1 Prevent mortality

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