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"Our lives begin to end
the day we become silent
 about things that matter."
   -- Martin Luther King Jr.

Advocates For People With Developmental Disabilities

Preserving the residential and health care services of our most needy is a high calling that you can answer with your donation

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Action DD is the only disabilities advocacy licensed in Washington state that does not receive government money. Therefore, we are free to represent the best interests of people with developmental disabilities.  We do so by lobbying for the care of the most needy.  
      Action DD leaders and volunteers receive no compensation.
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Action DD Summer meeting scheduled
Members will meet June 20th for the annual election of officers.  Legislative activities for the last session will be reviewed as well as planning for the coming year.  Members will be welcomed with plenty of sunshine and a great  lunch.  for details and an agenda click here.

Action DD Legislative reception and meeting a success
February 3, 2015

Thirty plus members of Action DD and others met Tuesday for a day long legislative reception and meeting on Capital Campus.  We were given a very nice room in the Prichard Library.
       The keynote address was given by Senator Maralyn Chase (D) 32 district. She explained the ...More

Action DD testifies to keep Yakima Valley School Open
February 2, 2015
John Mahaney, Paul Strand, Rick Jensen, and Julianne Moore testified today in support of Senate Bill 5243.  Two years ago the legislature voted to close YVS by attrition. Since then, services have been reduced and much needed respite care is dwindling.  SB 5243 would stop closure and restore YVS to its vital mission. 
   Testifiers sat through a long morning of bills before SB 5243 was heard.  Even then only one minute was given to each who testified.  The exception was Senator Jim Honeyford (R) 15th district, the bill's sponsor.  He was given adequate time to explain the purpose of the bill and his strong feelings for the continued need for Yakima Valley School. Opponents to the bill had little to say.
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From Our President

It's important to know the facts

Fact 1.
Only 4% of people with a developmental disability  who require state services live in a large facility called an RHC*. (They need them)
Fact 2. People who need RHC care cost just as much when served in the community, but the community provides fewer services.
Fact 3. Closing RHCs and moving residents causes depression, injury and death. This is called transfer trauma. It's now happening nation-wide. 
Fact 4.  Washington State wants to close RHCs. They are encouraged by community based advocacy groups and even the federal government.
Fact 5. People want the services of RHCs. For people in need of close care the RHC is the best possible treatment and residential option.
Fact 6. People with high care needs are often isolated in apartments not free to be part of a community.  Many are being deprived the needed care of an RHC.
Fact 7. RHCs may not look like what you've been told.  Click on gold seal to see.

* What's an RHC?
 It's what Washington State calls an institution for people with developmental disabilities who are in need of close personal care.

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Statement 1 No savings to close
Statement 1 Part of continuum
Statement 1 Efficient services
Statement 1 Respite care 
Statement 1 Safety net
Statement 1 Prevent mortality

Take ACTION to fight legislation that would harm our most vulnerable citizens.

Take ACTION to keep a full continuum of care in Washington State. 

Speaker of the House Frank Chopp told us, “We need a full continuum of services for people with developmental disabilities.”

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